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Website Publisher is a content publishing platform that allows anyone to start their own multi-user article, news or blog website. It includes dozens of professionally designed templates and is as easy to use as Microsoft Word.

Publish Websites Fast

Website Publisher makes it easy to publish websites fast. Notable features include:

  • Completely browser based
  • Scales to handle thousands of content items
  • Multi-user and author support with groups and permissions
  • Includes dozens of professionally designed templates
  • One click integration of Google Adsense ads
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  • Pull articles from iSnare and ArticleMarketer automatically
  • Website visitors can post comments and rate content
  • Enterprise-grade search and filter options
  • Customizable HTML and CSS templates
  • and many more features
  • View top 10 control panel features

What is the download edition?

The download edition allows you to install Website Publisher on your own web server. Please make sure your web server meets the requirements before purchasing. All purchases subject to maximum webdesigner terms.

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Website Publisher Licensing Terms

Purchasing a license for Website Publisher allows you to install a single copy of the product on one single web server. All purchases include access to the source code for customizations, however the licensing functionality cannot be modified in any way.

Additional licensing terms:

  • All licenses include the ability to completely private label the software
  • Full source code provided, which can be customized as required licensing code cannot be modified)
  • All purchases include support and updates during your maintenance period
  • Your license is non-transferrable and cannot be sold or exchanged
  • Perpetual software license

If you still have questions, please contact us.

Website Publisher Requirements

Website Publisher is a simple to install (we offer an installation service if needed) and easy to configure PHP web server script. It requires the following:

User Requirements

  • Operating System: Any Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer (Windows) or any Gecko based browser such as FireFox or Safari (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Web Server Requirements

  • Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Web Server: Apache Web Server with mod_rewrite enabled, or Windows IIS with ISAPI Rewrite module installed.
  • Scripting Language: PHP 4.3 or above with GD installed (including TrueType font support). For template downloading, template editing and image uploading, safe-mode must not be enabled.
  • Database: MySQL 4.1 or above
  • Other: Your server must have .htaccess file support for Apache or ISAPI Rewrite support for IIS
  • Other: You must be able to execute .htaccess files. If you're unsure whether your server meets these requirements, simply contact us with your FTP details and we'll check for you free of charge.

* Please note that your website can be viewed in all common web browsers. Internet Explorer or Firefox is only required for control panel access.

To demo the Website Publisher Admin area please fill in your details below and check your inbox in a few minutes with your login details inside. Please also read the "NOTE" below to help you access this demo.

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Your email address:
* Enter the security code shown:

Recently we came upon an unfortunate fact that spam filtering systems of some major free email service providers (including Gmail by Google, Hotmail, Yahoo and MSN) identify some of our emails as spam. Please, check your SPAM folder and update your spam filters accordingly to be able to receive your demo login details from our company. Thankyou!


Top 5 Features

Professionally Designed Themes
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Professionally Designed Themes

MaXimum Webdesigner Website Publisher comes pre-bundled with a selection of professionally designed, CSS, tableless site themes so you don't have to worry about hiring a designer to make your site look "pretty". All themes have been tested with all major browsers on Windows and Mac for 100% compatibility.

Search Engine Optimized Content
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Search Engine Optimized Content

Every page on your ArticeLive site is optimized for high search engine rankings. You can specify each articles page title, meta keywords and description. All links to categories, articles, news, blogs and pages are also in a search engine friendly format, such as articles/1017/Page1.html instead of articles.php?articleId=1017.

100% Open Source HTML and PHP Code
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100% Open Source HTML and PHP Code

Use the Website Publisher's built-in template editor to make changes to the HTML and CSS of any and all parts of your Website Publisher-powered web site, or even get down and dirty with the PHP code to add your own features. The code is 100% open and unencrypted so the possibilities are endless.

Automatic Google AdSense Integration
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Automatic Google AdSense Integration

It's easy to tell Website Publisher exactly where to place Google AdSense on your Website Publisher-powered site. You can specify everything, including your AdSense ID, color of the ad's, ad placements and even if you want to split the ad revenue with authors on your site. Of course, AdSense integration can also be turned off completely.

Support for All Common Languages
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Support for All Common Languages

Create your articles, news and blogs in any language you choose. Website Publisher has built-in support for most single and double-byte languages including German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.