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Built-in WYSIWYG authoring makes content publishing a breeze.

Easy WYSIWYG Authoring

Easy WYSIWYG Authoring

Knowledge Manager Functionality

Using Knowledge Manager, our industry-leading WYSIWYG authoring tool, it's easy to publish content to your knowledge base. With Microsoft Word-like functionality, you can:

  • Create rich text
  • Insert links
  • Upload, resize and insert images
  • Create lists
  • Insert tables
  • Add forms
  • Spell check content inline
  • Change text and highlight colors
  • Add rich media (movies and flash)

Re-Use Content from Microsoft Word

No need to re-type existing content. Using the editor's Paste from Word button, you can easily re-use content from existing documents, reports, articles and guides created in Microsoft Word. Content from Microsoft word is stripped of unnecessary Word-related tags, and looks identical to how it did in Microsoft Word.

Re-Use Content from Microsoft Word

Cross-Browser Authoring

Content can be authored in Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox on Windows, Mac, or any Linux variant. Content created is then stored in an optimized MySQL database so it can be searched, retrieved and updated extremely quickly at any time.

Upload and Attach Files to Articles

Easily attach multiple files to any article, without having to mess around with an FTP program. The files can then be downloaded directly from your knowledge base.

Custom Fields

Create custom data values that can be assigned to articles and searched. Please see this page for more information and screenshots of custom fields.

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