Design Features


Choose from dozens of beautiful industry-specific store designs which have been developed by a team of experienced graphic designers and search engine optimization gurus.


Advanced users have full FTP access to make changes to their store's HTML and CSS directly.

Online Logo Editor

Upload your own logo or use our logo editor to create a stunning logo for your store. Just fill in the logo text, choose a design and you're done.

Compliant Store Designs

All of our store designs are W3C-standards compatible meaning everyone can see your store in the same way, regardless of which web browser they use.

Drag and Drop Design

Change the layout and text in your store using our unique "design mode" editor. Move blocks of content and change the text in your store without knowing HTML.

Design Mode

Payment & Shipping Features

Accept Credit Cards

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart makes it easy to sell online. Right out of the box your store integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout and over 30 other merchant providers.

Click here to show the list

SSL Secure Checkout

Your customers will be confident ordering online with full support for secure checkout via 128 bit industry-standard SSL security.

Offline Payment Methods

Configure your store to accept credit cards and/or "offline" payment methods such as COD, pay in store, cheque, bank transfer, etc.

Sell Online and Offline

Customers can order online, but you can also take phone or POS orders with our easy-to-use order taking system.

Real-Time Shipping Quotes

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart integrates with UPS, UPS online tools, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post and Royal Mail for live shipping quotes.

Handling & Free Shipping

Add an optional handling cost to each order which you can show separately or as part of the shipping cost. Also offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount per shipping zone

Sell in Multiple Currencies

Easily setup your store to sell in multiple currencies. Exchange rates can be updated manually or automatically every day using our live web service.

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart detects the geographical location of a customer and shows prices in their local currency. They can of course browse and buy in other currencies too.

Define-Your-Own Rates

Setup fixed shipping prices on a per item, order or country basis. You can even setup shipping rates based on order total and weight.

Flexible Shipping Zones

Offer specific shipping methods based on the customer's location. You can configure shipping zones on a per zipcode, state, and/or country level for ultimate flexibility.

Order & Checkout Features

Single Page Checkout

Customers can breeze through checkout using the MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart single page checkout system, which has been proven to significantly increase conversion rates.

Shipping Quote Estimates

Right from their cart, customers can enter their location to receive a shipping cost estimate. For many customers simply knowing how much you charge for shipping before they checkout will make them more likely to complete their order.

Guest Checkout

Enable the guest checkout setting to make it even easier for customers to buy from you. Guest checkout means they don't have to spend time creating an account with you - they simply type in their billing and shipping details, pay and they're on their way.

Order Messaging System

The integrated messaging system allows you to send messages to customers about their order and vice-versa. These messages are emailed to them and appear in the "My Account" page. All messages are logged next to the order which makes it easy for multiple-staff members to deal with the one customer.

Take Orders Over the Phone

The one-page order form in your store's control panel allows to you enter phone orders. You can even use MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart as your point-of-sale software in your physical storefront.

Tracking Numbers

Assign a tracking number to an order and your customers can see live order tracking details from their "My Account" page.

Email Order Confirmation

Customers will automatically receive an email when their order is shipped.

Order Shipments

Use order shipments to partially ship orders to customers. You can print packing slips and assign unique tracking numbers to each shipment.

Refunds & Store Credits

Process refunds from your store's control panel. You can either refund the order back to the customer or issue them with a store credit instead, which they can use to purchase through your online store.

Search Engine Optimization Features

SEO Optimized

The MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart template structure was designed from the ground up by search engine optimization experts.

All templates make proper use of heading tags, alt tags, meta details, etc. Templates are tableless in design and are crafted to help your website rank favorably in all major search engines.

W3C-Valid Designs

All MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart store designs have been tested against the W3C's XHTML validator and have passed with zero errors. W3C are a standards body who maintain international standards for the world wide web.

What does this mean to you? It means you can be confident your online store will look and function the same across all of the common web browsers people use to shop online.

SEO-Friendly Links

All pages in your store from products to categories, brands and even search results use SEO-friendly links which make it easy for search engine spiders to find and then index the contents of your pages.

Toggle SEO-Friendly Links

You can toggle SEO-friendly links with one click from your store's settings page.

Per-Page Optimization

You can specify the page title and meta data for every category, brand and product in your store, giving you complete control over the keywords you want to rank for.

Product & Inventory Features

Login Anytime, Anywhere

The MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart control panel is always accessible from your favorite web browser, 24/7. There's no software to download and no hardware to setup.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

To add a product to your store you simply fill out the product details form and click Save. The product is then instantly available to purchase from your online store.

Import Existing Products

The flexible import wizard makes it easy to upload your existing products into your new MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart store via simple CSV files. You can map fields from your import file and can even bulk import images and inventory details.

Configurable Purchase Fields

Assign text, file and checkbox fields to products and require customers to fill in the fields before purchasing. This comes in handy if you sell products with custom engraving, merchandise with custom images, etc.

Gift Wrapping

Specify store-wide gift wrapping options or even specify them per product. For example, you might enable gift wrapping on all iPods but disable it on larger products such as TVs and computers.

Automatic Inventory Control

Setup inventory levels per product or per product variation and when someone buys the inventory levels will be adjusted for you automatically. MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart will even tell you when it's time to order more stock!

Physical/Downloadable Products

Sell physical and/or downloadable products (such as eBooks) from the one store. MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart makes it easy to sell any type of product online.

Product Variations

Easily create product variations (such as different size and color combinations for t-shirts) each with their own prices, images and inventory.

Live Shipping Quotes

Specify physical dimensions and weight for products in your store to enable live shipping quotes from UPS, UPS online tools, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post and Royal Mail.

Product Reviews

Shoppers can post product reviews in your store. You can set reviews to auto-approve or you can even manually review and approve reviews as they come in. Reviews are a great way to encourage purchasing because opinions come from neutral third parties - your customers.

Tax Features

Flexible Settings

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart allows you to setup tax and how it applies to orders in your store in 3 separate ways:

  • I don't want to apply tax to any products in my store
  • I want to apply tax for specific countries and/or states
  • I want to apply one tax rate to all products in my store
  • My prices do/do not already include tax

Country/State Tax Rates

Tax rates can be configured per country and/or state. Tax can be calculated based on the customer's billing or shipping address.

Inc/Ex Tax Pricing

You can specify whether prices for products in your store already include tax, or whether tax rules should be applied when purchasing.

Flat Tax Option

A flat tax rate can be applied to all orders in your store, based on a percentage of an orders subtotal or subtotal and shipping.

Tax Rate Display

Tax options and the amount of tax are clearly displayed in the subtotals area on the cart page, during the checkout and on invoices.

Content Management Features

Full CMS Functionality

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart includes a fully functional content management system which allows you to publish web pages, blogs and contact forms.

Publish Web Pages

Create web pages such as "About Us" using the included WYSIWYG editor. Add text, upload images, insert links, lists and more. The editor is similar to Microsoft Word.

Hierarchical Pages

You can create pages (such as "About Us") and sub-pages under each page (such as "Mission Statement" and "Company History"). These pages will be used to build the navigation menu in your store.

SEO-Friendly Pages

All pages in your store have their own page title, meta keywords and description, which can be entered when you create the page in your store's control panel.

Restrict to Customer Groups

You can restrict the viewing of any page in your store only to peple who are in specific customer groups.

Publish News & Blogs

Keep visitors coming back by publishing news and blogs in your store. Discuss new products, special offers and promotions.

Create Flexible Pages

You can create four different types of pages in your store:

  • Content pages, such as "About Us" or "Returns Policies"
  • A page that links to a web page or document
  • A page that displays the contents of an RSS feed automatically
  • A page that displays a customizable contact form and message

Contact Forms

Easily create and publish contact forms in your online store. Just choose who the contents of the form should be emailed to, pick the fields to display on the form and you're done.

Display as Home Page

Any page you create can be set as the home page of your store, instead of the default page which contains new/featured products and news.

Create Banners & Promotions

Use the promotion designer to create and display banners through your store. You can link banners to specific categories, products, brands or even search results, and you can even display banners only between specific dates - perfect if you're having a sale!

In-Store Features

Product Comparisons

Customers can compare products side-by-side to aid in buying decisions. They can see complete details about a product (name, SKU, image, price, average rating, custom fields) and remove products from the comparison with a single click.

Order Status Updates

Your customers can see a complete status report on their orders, including orders which have shipped and those which are awaiting fulfillment or shipping.

Live Order Tracking

If you assign a tracking number to an order, your customer will be able to track their order in real time. This helps to reduce calls to your customer service team.

Email/Print Order Invoices

When a customer places an order in your store they are emailed an invoice automatically and can print invoices at any time from their "My Account" page.

Suggestive Cart

Using proprietary matching algorithms, MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart automatically suggests other products the customer may be interested in when adding an item to their cart.

Address Book

Anyone who creates an account in your store can enter multiple shipping/billing addresses and save them in their address book.

Public Wish Lists

Wish lists can be created and optionally shared by enabling the "public wishlist" option. There is no limit on the number of wish lists each customer can create.

Order Messaging System

Unique to MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart, customers can send a message to you about an order and that message will appear linked to the order from your store's control panel.

You can reply back to their message and they will receive a notification of your reply. The entire message history is logged for you automatically.

Related Products

Related products can be specifically manually or displayed automatically in your store. They are configured on a per-product basis.

Returns System

The returns system allows customers to submit a return request directly from their "My Account" page. You can completely customize (or disable) the returns system from your store's control panel.

Customer Features

Customer Groups

  • Create unlimited customer groups, each with different pricing and access restriction
  • Assign customers who register in your store to a particular group
  • Limit which product categories customers in a specific group can see when browsing your store
  • Setup a default customer group for anonymous website visitors
  • Move customers from one group to the next from your store's control panel
  • Filter and view customer, reports and statistics by customer group

Wholesale Pricing

Set discounts on a per-product, per-category or storewide basis for each customer group. You can create an unlimited number of discounts and it's easy to choose which categories and products those discounts should be applied to.

Import/Export Features

Easy Import

Import your existing orders, products and customers using our flexible CSV-file import system. You can import your existing multi-level category structure, inventory and more. Interspire Shopping Cart has the best import system in any shopping cart software.

Fast Export

With two clicks you can quickly export orders, products and customers. Can can create and save custom searches which allow you to filter and export only the exact data you need - in CSV or XML format.

Export to Intuit QuickBooks

Using the free QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC) software from Intuit, you can easily and automatically sync orders, customers, products and inventory from your store back to QuickBooks.

Marketing Features

Coupon Codes

Create flexible coupon codes to offer customers discounts on products in your store. You can even add a coupon expriy date or limit the number of uses.

Analytics Integration

Integrate your MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart store with any analytics package you choose, including Google Analytics, to get a 360� view of your store.

Export to Google

Export your products to Google's product search engine - "Google Products" and let Google help drive traffic to your store.

RSS Feeds

Shoppers can subscribe to your RSS feed to be notified automatically when you add new products to your store.

Bulk Discounts

Create bulk discounts for quantity pricing of items in your store and incentivize customers to buy in bulk and save.

Gift Certificates

Sell gift certificates through your store. All gift certificates are delivered automatically to the recipient via email and redeemed in your store. You can even track who used a gift certificate and when.

Promotional Banners

Use the built-in designer to create and display promotional banners for special offers in your store. You choose which pages the banners appear on and where (top or bottom).

Newsletter Subscriptions

Accept newsletter subscribers through the "join my list" box in your store, which you can then use to send newsletters and promotions to your subscribers.

Affiliate Tracking

It's easy to plug any third party affiliate program into your MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart store. Visits and conversions are tracked for affiliate links automatically.

Advertising Campaigns

In just one click you can generate complete advertising campaigns which you can import right into your Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing accounts. No more spending days writing ads, finding keywords, etc.

Search Features

Search Suggest

As shoppers start typing in the search box, they instantly see products that match their keywords, without having to click through to a search results page.

"Did You Mean..."

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart's smart search system picks up on spelling mistakes in search phrases and suggest alternative spellings, similar to Google's "Did You Mean" feature.

Shop by Brand

Shoppers can view a complete list of all brands/manufacturers in your store. You can upload a logo for each brand and all logos will be displayed on one page.

Clicking on a logo will show the products in your store for that brand/manufacturer.

Related Searches

As people search for products in your store, MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart uses a proprietary matching algorithm to automatically match and display related search phrases, making it even easier for shoppers to find the products they want.

Advanced Search

The advanced search options allow shoppers to really drill down and filter search results. They can enter search keywords, filter by brand, categories, price, featured products and free shipping.

Precise Filtering

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart has a built-in search range system which allows shoppers to search for products based on a number of criteria within a range. For example, ipod price:$300-$500 will show all iPods with a price of $300 - $500.

Search Tips

Power users will appreciate the "search tips" page in your store. It explains all of the advanced search and filtering options available, along with clear examples of how to use each option.

Custom Views

In your store's control panel you can create custom views (or saved searches) which allow you filter orders, customers, products and more. You can then use the views menu to access your custom views.

Reporting Features

Business Intelligence

MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart gives you more business intelligence reports than any other shopping cart software:

  • Daily conversion rate
  • Top 20 customers
  • Best selling products
  • Order locations (Google maps)
  • Orders by item sold
  • Orders by revenue
  • Popular products
  • Inventory report
  • Customers by date
  • Revenue per customer
  • Search keywords with results
  • Search keywords without results
  • Best performing keywords
  • Worst performing keywords
  • Search term corrections

View Search Keywords

See exactly which keywords shoppers are searching for in your store. You can even see a list of misspelled words and the correct spelling automatically offered to your customers by the MaXimum Webdesigner Shopping Cart "smart search" system.

See Customer Locations

Integrated Google Maps support allows to to see the exact location of your customers. You can use this geographic information to better target your advertising or even setup region-specific specials and promotions.