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Business Listing Frequently Asked Questions

What does Business Listing show that is different from the regular Whois?

Business Listing allows you to write whatever is important about your domain name, website, blog or business that viewers don’t find in the Whois. For instance, you could let people know that a domain is for sale, post business hours or list multiple domain names that your company uses. The regular Whois only shows the contact information of the domain name managers, e.g. registrant contact, administrative contact.

What is the difference between ID Protect and Business Listing?

ID Protect keeps domain owner information private to protect from spammers and other unwanted viewers. Business Listing allows you to have info about your business or domain that is not normally available in the Whois.

Can I have ID Protect and Business Listing at the same time?

Yes! Business Listing allows you to put information about your business, domain, blog or website that is not available in the Whois required by ICANN. ID Protect ensures the domain owner and manager’s contact information is hidden from spammers.

What is the Business Listing directory?

All domain names that have a Business Listing will automatically be placed in the Business Listing directory at It is a directory web site that is designed to help increase visibility to your Business Listing. When internet surfers use the search engines to look up information related to your business, the search results will return your Business Listing. It also works as a directory for searchers to access your Business Listing directly.

How does having Business Listing in the Whois help?

Millions of Whois checks are done every day on any domain at any registrar or other domain management company. We will return your information that other companies display in their Whois results.

Do search engines access this information in the Whois?

Yes. Search engines often “crawl” a Whois database for as much information as they can find about a domain. Business Listing may show the information you’ve posted in your Business Listing along with your domains. The Whois results will help improve the relevancy of the information about your business along with the domain name.

Which domain extensions are available for Business Listing?

Business Listing is available for .COM, .NET and .TV

What should I do if I need to hide the information in my Business Listing?

You can hide the Business Listing results that are displayed in the Whois and at by going into your domain control panel and selecting the Business Listing to be not visible.

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